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Dion Hild

Dion Hild


Coach Dion Hild has been CrossFitting for five years, and his specialty is “being old and keeping up with the young boys in the box,” he says.

To Dion, coaching is about bringing the best out in each person, helping them reach their goals and making them better today than they were yesterday. “I have coached young kids’ sports, and it is always an experience and challenge to make that season a memory for each child under my wing,” he says. “Coaching at CFG is much the same. Helping them get closer to who they want to be is the enjoyment and the challenge.”

When he’s not coaching, you can find Dion running his business development company and spending time with his sons. “My biggest passion right now is being a father to two young boys ages 7 and 10,” he says. “Both are very different, and I learn from them daily.”

His favorite quote is “Your character shows when people aren’t watching.”


  • CrossFit Level 1